Company Information

Thiefbeaters supply specialist theft deterrent solutions to protect any mobile property and have provided security for thousands of items including vehicles, caravans and trailers and peace of mind for owners.

Incorporating Datadot® technologies, the Thiefbeaters system is a comprehensive set of identification techniques applied to your asset in dozens of separate locations with only a small percentage visible to the naked eye.

Thiefbeaters is recognised by many leading insurance companies as a tried and tested system with impressive performance levels.

Caravan Security

With many different security options available to caravan owners, it is difficult to know which one is actually going to work for you. Installing a Thiefbeaters security identification system to your caravan and it's been proven to be less likely to be targeted than those fitted with other forms of traditional security.

Already fitted to thousands of caravans and recommended by many leading insurance companies, the multi layered identification system ensures the unique number assigned to your property cannot be removed if it is stolen. This ensures that your caravan not only less likely to be taken but far easier to identify and return to you if it is. Recognised by the Police and well known by criminals a Thiefbeaters security system simply works.

Contact Thiefbeaters and our knowledgeable advisors will be happy to help you, answering any questions you may have regarding system suitability or insurance requirements.


Motorhome Security

As the popularity of motorhomes increases, so does their attraction to thieves. Thousands can be spent creating the perfect 'home from home' but if you do not invest in a proven theft deterrent then it can literally be there one minute - gone the next.

By their very nature, motorhomes are easy to move and have a ready resale market. Ordinarily, they are only fitted with standard alarm/immobiliser systems or easily removable basic identification systems. Both easily overcome by a determined criminal looking for a quick and risk free return.

Thiefbeaters provides an ideal solution. Our security system, fitted to your motorhome, will see it become a very unattractive target to a potential thief. The multi layered security system means that they cannot see or begin to locate all the identification numbers on your motorhome - so if they are stopped by the police or try to sell it on they are bound to be caught. This increase in risk more often than not sees them move on!

Police Information

Should you have property that is marked with a Thiefbeaters 'STOP THIEF' identification decal, please take note of the following guidelines for owner verification. The ‘STOP THIEF’ decal indicates that the property has been fitted with a Thiefbeaters multi layered permanent identity system using both overt and covert unique identification numbers.

To determine the registered owner of the property you will need to call the emergency number with the unique identification code to hand. Thiefbeaters will verify your identification before releasing the details of the registered owner of the property.